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Seaford Sixth Form students celebrate top results.



Seaford College is once again celebrating as students achieve the school’s highest ever A*-C grades in public examinations at sixth form level. Headmaster, John Green, said: “I’m delighted with our A Level, BTEC, CTEC and EPQ results. Despite the Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, warning in recent press reports that students should expect lower A Level grades than last year, Seaford College is delighted to announce that students have achieved their highest ever A*-C grades in sat public examinations; these grades are higher than the pre-pandemic results in 2019. The results also show that the A*/A/B grades are higher than pre-pandemic levels in 2019 and the A* grades remain strong. I’m immensely proud of the results all our students have achieved. Given this cohort did not sit external GCSE exams in 2021, these impressive results are down to their hard work and determination to achieve their personal best.     


“The results are underpinned by the hard work and dedication of my amazing staff. Our popularity as a non-selective, all-inclusive school has seen an increase in student numbers of over 50% in the last 10 years and this is undoubtedly due to our strengthened academic core. This September, we will see our highest student numbers across our Prep School, Middle School and Sixth Form.  

“Our EPQ results are superb, demonstrating that our students have the skills to succeed at university. Our students chose some very interesting topics to study independently and I was very impressed with their dedication in completing their projects.   

“Despite these superb academic achievements, Seaford has maintained its core ethos and these results were achieved in a non-pressurised environment where students have also excelled in co-curricular pursuits alongside their studies. Most importantly, these results have been achieved with smiles on our students’ faces, in a happy and supportive community.  


“We are proud that Seaford remains academically inclusive, and offers an unmatched depth and breadth of curriculum subjects covering over 37 post-16 qualifications in A Level, EPQ, BTEC and Cambridge Technical Qualifications. Seaford students celebrated success across a broad curriculum. We have many notable A Level, BTEC and Cambridge Technical Qualification successes.”   


Betty Johnston achieved 2 A*s, A and EPQ A* and is reading Psychology at Durham University. Mandy Rabina gained 2 A*s, A and EPQ A* and is heading to the University of Southampton to study Law. Clara Chrispin achieved 2 A*s, B and EPQ A* and is heading to the University of Exeter to read International Business and Modern Languages. Fraser Lyne gained 2 As and 2 Bs and is reading Medicine at the University of Exeter.   


Sienna Ellman-Baker gained 3 Distinctions and EPQ A* and is pursuing a promising career in dance. Lily Gardner achieved 3 As and EPQ A* and is heading to the University of Bath to read Psychology. Alex Kapanadze gained A, Distinction* and 2 Cs. Adriana Rotari achieved A and 3 Bs. Dan Borland gained 2 As, B and EPQ A* and is reading Geography (Science) at the University of Exeter.  


Charlotte Brinsmead achieved 2As, B and EPQ A* and is reading History at the University of Bristol. Grace Clark gained 2 As, B and EPQ A* and is reading Biology at the University of Bristol. Monty Hodson achieved 2 As, B and EPQ A* and is heading to the University of Bristol to read Economics and Finance.  


Molly Holt gained 2 As, B and EPQ A* and is reading Psychology at Cardiff University. Abbie Biggs achieved 2 As, B and EPQ A and is studying English at the University of Bristol. George Gibbens gained A*, 2 Bs and EPQ A and is reading Geography at Durham. Alexander Philp achieved 2 As, B and EPQ A and is studying Economics and Finance at the University of Exeter. Grace Arnold gained A, 2 Bs and EPQ A* and is reading Geography and Business at the University of Nottingham.  

Edward Gordon-Thomson (Head Boy) achieved A, 2 Bs and EPQ A* and is reading Biochemistry at Queen’s University Belfast. Tom Murtagh gained A, 2 Bs and EPQ A* and is studying Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. Abigail Oratis achieved 2 Distinction*, 1 Distinction and B and is studying Photography at Bath Spa University.  


Evie Apps gained Distinction*, Distinction and B and is studying Media and Communications at Cardiff Met University. Beanie Bradley gained Distinction *, Distinction and B and is pursuing her career in polo alongside studying Psychology, Social Science and Wellbeing modules with the Open University during the Women’s World Tour. Beanie plans to study Sport Psychology at Loughborough University in the future.  Bella Crandon (Head Girl) achieved Distinction*, Distinction and B and is heading off on a gap year volunteering before studying Architecture at Cardiff Met University.   


Minie Gardner gained 2 Distinction*, 2 Cs and EPQ B and is studying Fashion Promotion at Ravensbourne University, London. Jasper Hudson gained 2 Distinction*, 2 Cs and EPQ B and is studying Business Management at the University of Surrey. Jake Payne achieved 2 Distinction* and 2 Bs and is studying Real Estate at Reading University.  

Sam Bradbury gained 2As and B and is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Exeter. Emilia Burkinshaw achieved Distinction *, Distinction and C and is studying Sport and Exercise Science at Leeds Beckett University. Maddie Boiardini gained Distinction*, 2 Distinctions and C and is studying Business and Marketing at Oxford Brookes University. Kitty Cooper achieved 2 Distinction*, B and C and is studying Costume Design at the University of Salford. Coco Heggie gained 2 Distinction*, B and C and is studying Interior Architecture at Falmouth University.  


“There are many routes Seaford students take after Sixth Form,” added John Green. “Ethan Davies is heading to Bangor University to study Forestry and Immy Guimaraens is heading to LMA Drama School in London.  


“These impressive results see the highest number of our students ever going to university with more students heading to their first choice university. Over double the number of students are also heading to top Russell Group universities compared to last year. I am so proud of what we have achieved through teamwork with students, staff and parents.  

 “My academic strategy and culture of ambition is firmly embedded at all levels. The academic momentum and all-round ambition have seen success from the academically gifted through to those that find the examination process a challenge. These results provide evidence that the College’s academic strategy – and our focus on improving teaching and learning – is having a sustainable impact.  


“Most importantly, I am so proud that Seaford remains an academically inclusive environment – and what we do is never about league table positions or perception, it’s about doing the right things for every student so that they can achieve their personal best. As I always say, as long as they work hard and have done their best, students should be proud of their results regardless of whether they have secured a place at their first choice university or via the incredibly competitive clearing process this year. Indeed, your best is always good enough because you cannot do better than your best, whatever the outcome might be. One thing for certain is that our students have displayed a huge amount of resilience over the last two years following the pandemic lockdowns – and each and every student this year should be very proud of what they have achieved.  

“I would like to wish all of our students every success in future studies, employment and gap year adventures. We wish the students who have decided to defer and do a gap year a productive year, and we look forward to advising you with our post-examination service when you start to apply for universities.  Stay in touch and I look forward to welcoming you back for alumni events in the future.” 

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