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An enjoyable and educatiobnal field trip to the Dorset coast.



Thirty A Level geographers and four members of staff took part in a two-day field trip to the Jurassic Coast as part of their Geography Cambridge International course.

On day one, they visited Chesil Beach at Abbotsbury before traveling towards Portland to see the impacts of human development on coastal features. The team went on to take in the unique geology and coastal formation of Studland and Old Harry Rocks.

The students spent the second day exploring Swanage Bay and the town, looking at coastal management and how the relatively small town and area of Studland deals with nearly a million visitors each year. The final part of the trip saw the infamous walk down to Lulworth Cove and over the cliffs to Durdle Door.

“Luckily, the rain stayed away and the views from the top of both features were breath-taking,” said James Kimber, Head of Geography. “The trip was a great way to end the academic year and was a great opportunity for students to see in the flesh what they had learnt in the classroom.”

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