One of Seaford’s main strengths is in the field of creative arts. Each child has a creative talent and they are encouraged to participate in song and dance, music in all its forms, and drama throughout their time in school.

In the Prep School, drama is on the curriculum for pupils of all ages and many have the opportunity to study for LAMDA examinations. There is an annual Prep School play in the summer term and a large number of lunch time performances and concerts throughout the year. All pupils have in-class music lessons and many of them have individual instrument tuition. As a class, Year 4 all learn the recorder, Year 5 the ukulele, Year 6 the violin and Year 7 have the opportunity to study the keyboard. This programme is designed to give all students a broad experience of music making and to encourage those with talent to continue further up the school.

In Year 9 too, the in-class music continues with pupils having lessons in composing and making music. The keyboard suite gives each of them the chance (with earphones) to make music and transpose it onto the computer using programmes like Sibelius and Cubase. This then gives them the tools to move into GCSE Music, A Level Music and A Level Music Technology.

Senior Drama is a regular feature of the school calendar and a school musical takes pride of place in the Easter term. Pupils may study GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies and many do so with great success. Past pupils have gained places at drama colleges as well as music scholarships to some of the nation’s leading music schools, as well as Oxford and Cambridge.


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