Boarding at Seaford

Boarding is available for boys and girls from the age of 11 and through to sixth form. The Prep School has boarding dormitories within the Mansion where youngsters are grouped into rooms of seven or eight. Every evening, the boarders return to their rooms, to change into their home clothes, after supper. They then have an activity programme that runs until about 8.30pm when they return to their rooms to prepare for bed.

A Boarding School for Girls

The school’s senior boarding girls occupy the main part of the Mansion and are a mixture of full, weekly and flexi boarders. The younger pupils share rooms, usually no more than three to a room, and usually get their own single room either in Year 11 or the Lower Sixth. Prep is done every evening in their rooms and is followed by a social time before preparing for bed from about 9.30pm.

A Boarding School for boys

Boarding for senior boys is situated in two brand new houses in the Walled Garden. These are superb buildings and the bed spaces are in high demand. Each new house can take about 45 full and weekly boarders, but also has the space for about 15 flexi-boarding pupils.  Boy boarders share rooms until they are in the Lower Sixth when they have single rooms and act as prefects for the corridors.

A Sixth Form Boarding School

The Upper Sixth form boarding space, for both boys and girls, is in Heden Hall and Heden Court. This is designed to give them a ‘university hall’ type experience and the ability to be treated like adults for their final year at school. They all get their own rooms and are encouraged to become independent learners within a supportive atmosphere. The tutors within the house are also advisors for university applications and mentors for the A Level examinations.

Boarding school facilities for girls and boys at Seaford College, West Sussex