Tuition and Boarding Fees (per term) effective from September 2024

Seaford's fees include lunch, sports, sports fixtures and clubs, an extensive co-curricular programme is available between 16.30-17.30 each day. 

Senior Fees (Years 9-13)
Full Boarding £14,530
Weekly Boarding £12,730
Day Fees £9,400
Junior Fees (Years 7 & 8)
Weekly Boarding £9,990
Day Fees £7,525
Prep School Fees (Years 1-6)
Year 6 Weekly Boarding £9,445
Year 6 Day Fees £6,925
Year 5 Day Fees £5,205
Year 4 Day Fees £4,850
Year 1-3 Day Fees £4,540
Overseas Pupils Administration Fee £250
EFL Lessons/each One-to-one £40.00 (Shared £25.00)
Learning Support Tuition One-to-one £45.00
Flexi Boarding Rates
Juniors (Years 6-8) £45 per night

Seniors (Years 9-13)

£60 per night
When representing the school (nominal charge) £15 per night
UK Residents £2,000
Overseas students 1 term's fees
House Funds
A contribution to House social funds is added to the fee account each term:
Heden Hall and Court £40
Mansion & Walled Garden East and West £30
The Prep School £10
Senior Day Students £5
Old Seafordian Fee (Senior only) £5


Seaford College Student iPad

All students are expected to attend their classes with a College issued iPad, kept in
the Seaford branded iPad case supplied with the device. Our teachers make good
use of the capabilities that the combination of Microsoft and Apple technology
can bring to teaching and learning. All new students will be issued an iPad, case,
and appropriate College account log in upon joining the school in September.

The cost of the device and case total £350.00, the cost of which will be placed onto
the interim Autumn Term bill once the device has been issued to the student. The device is then owned by the student, but is managed by the College, and falls
under our policies. We expect a device to last for three years, at which point we
will be able to offer a percentage buy back of the original device which can then
be put towards an updated model, or credited to your account, whichever is more
appropriate at the time.

Seaford College provides students with access to technology resources for
educational purposes. Students must adhere to all College policies and guidelines,
including Acceptable Use Policy, Mobile Devices Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy and
Student Behaviour Policy to maintain that access. This information will be shared
with you, along with a parent/student agreement form, and details for insurance of
the device in early September.



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