Modern Foreign Languages Morning

Every year Seaford Prep School take part in a Modern Foreign Languages morning, filled with activities that celebrate languages at our school. This year their Art, Dance, Maths and Games lessons were all geared around French and Spanish.

Spanish stonesThe children got to paint Stones in Spanish. The idea was to practise the names of animals and colours and then paint them on a stone and write a brief description. The stones will be hidden around the school for pupils to find on a hunt sometime in the future.

French school yard gamesTheir games lesson had a French twist to it. They took part in a variety of school yard games played in teams with the instructions in French! The favourite was le labyrinth where pupils had to guide a blindfolded partner around obstacles telling them to go left, right, straight on, all in French.

Spanish salsaCelebrating Spanish dance, the children took part in a Salsa dancing class. They all learnt a few basic steps of salsa and practised in small groups, to the music of La Cucaracha, a traditional Spanish folk song that they were delighted to learn translated to ‘The Cockroach’.

Maths with a French twistTheir Maths lesson followed the theme of tessellation and the vocabulary of animals and colours was reviewed in French to help them complete their task.

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