A Marathon Effort

Seaford Staff complete the original marathonOver half term a group of 12 staff from Seaford College travelled to Athens to complete the original marathon from Marathon, in the North East of the City, to the Centre where they finished at the Panathenaic Stadium. This marathon effort was all part of their ongoing drive to raise money for Combat Stress.

Seaford Staff complete the original marathonSetting off at 05:30 from the starting line of the 2004 Olympic Games Marathon route, five of the group ran the 25 or so miles whilst the remainder walked.

The route chosen was spectacular and took in a lot of the countryside around Athens. The first 15 km or so was completely off road on tracks and little used footpaths before the group eventually hit the Athens suburbs. Starting early meant that they missed a lot of the scorching heat, but it was still a very hot day and both groups stopped several times to take on water.

The running group completed the run in 3 hours 49 minutes whilst the walkers completed it in just under 10 hours.

AthensIt was an excellent day and everyone felt a real sense of achievement having completed the route that Pheidippides ran over 2,500 years ago and whose legend spawned the modern day marathon. Congratulations to everyone who took part, an amazing achievement. To support their fundraising efforts visit their JustGiving page.

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