Meet our Head of Science

seb d'agarOur Director of Studies and Head of Science, Seb d’Agar, is also a Houseparent to our Prep School students.

Seb is now in his 7th year at Seaford and plays an important role in our academic strategy. A fine compere, he is also a member of the Seaford Chapel Choir.

What is your favourite science field to teach and why?
As a Biologist it has to be evolution. Exploring the diversity of life on Earth over the past 3 billion years is always eye opening to students at any age. They love treading in Darwin’s footsteps, learning about adaptations and natural selection.

How did you become interested in science?
I would have to blame my science teachers at school. I was encouraged to join a nature club in Year 3 and since then I have always been interested in natural history, conservation and evolution.

Tell us a science based joke?
It is not a joke, but an old A Level student of mine allegedly used this line once, ‘I wish I was adenine, then I could get paired with U!’.

What British scientist would you put on a £50 note and why?
We have just run this competition with our Year 6, 7, and 8 science classes and Stephen Hawking was the winning entry. One of my choices would be Edward Jenner, for being a pioneer in vaccines and immunology. Where would we be without vaccines today?

Tell us a funny story from the classroom or lab.
We often use long glass tubes full of glycerol to demonstrate viscosity and density. During a lesson I lifted one over my head and accidentally snapped the tube, emptying a lot of glycerol all over myself to the huge amusement of my Year 10 students.

Should more be done to inspire young people to consider science for a career and why?
Schools do very well already at inspiring the next generation of scientists. One thing which I think would be beneficial would be to reduce the content that has to be taught to give more time for practical work to be explored. This would give students skills, experience and enjoyment to hopefully enjoy a career in science.

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