A Journey To Remember

Old Seafordian, Piers Plowman makes a journey to rememberAt the age of 24, Old Seafordian Piers Plowman made a poignant journey to visit the grave of his uncle, Captain Tony A Plowman, also an Old Seafordian, who died aged 24 during World War II.

An amazing and poignant story from one of our Old Seafordians, Piers Plowman.

“On September 24th 1944, Captain Tony A Plowman (Second in Command of the Glider Squadrom, F Company) was killed in action, aged 24, during Operation Market Garden trying to support the Allied Forces that were attempting to seize and defend Arnhem Bridge.

The grave of Captain Tony A Plowman, who died during World War IIToday, the 25th September 2018, aged 24, I cycled from the Coast of Holland to Oosterbeek War memorial (Arnhem) to visit Tony’s grave. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this I felt.

So glad I did it and every pedal stroke was worth it. One of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever done.

Making a special journeyI will never forget that moment I found him! I thought back to all those memories of reading out his name at the Seaford College Remembrance Services. Like me, he was a student at Seaford too. So incredibly proud of my family and it’s heritage. Can’t express how I feel after this experience today. It was epic!”

Piers was at Seaford College from 2007 – 2012 where he was a part of the CCF. He said “I loved the 5 year journey and the experiences from the CCF. I did feel it was between the Military and Sport as my two career options. Sport however was where my heart lay. This was definitely a part of my life I am immensely proud of”.

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