A balancing act for Seaford alumnus Harry Leleu


Old Seafordian, Harry Leleu, features in a BBC article looking at athletes achieving success in sport and classroom.

He tells them “Meeting the demands of studying for a degree in physics is taxing. Marrying that with a grueling training schedule necessary to compete at the top level is therefore only possible with a great deal of focus, organisation and self-discipline, alongside a strong support network.

“With a sport such as triathlon with three disciplines, you can be doing up to 30 hours of training per week, which means time-management is paramount.

“Surrounding myself with like-minded people has a positive impact. Sharing a house with other performance sport athletes means we all study, train, eat and sleep around the clock. We all have a clear understanding of what the other is trying to achieve and we help each other achieve that.

“To young aspiring athletes, I would say to not expect it to be easy; the balance between study and sport takes huge commitment and can be physically and mentally demanding.

“Most of all, I would say to enjoy it. I love what I do and although it doesn’t always go my way, I try to learn a lesson at every turn. Be positive, never turn down an opportunity and work hard – ‘the best preparation for tomorrow is giving your best today’.”

Some great advice from Harry. We had the chance to interview him about this topic when he was in the Upper Sixth at Seaford. His drive and determination stood out and he worked hard to balance his A Levels and sporting commitments.

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