Nicholas Caines’ Aspirations for Life After A Levels

Nicholas Caines was Head Boy at Seaford this year.  He spoke to us about his plans for the future and what he is passionate about.

What is your dream job? Doing somNicholas Caines, Head Boy 2017 to 2018ething outside, I live on a farm. I would like to diversify the family farm and put in a high ropes course in the forest.

What are you doing this autumn? I’m having a year out travelling in South East Asia, Inter-railing in Europe and then I’d like to earn some money and get some farming experience in New Zealand. I plan to do a degree in Agriculture at University after my gap year.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing your generation? Social media and the way people react on line and the way people are addicted to their phones. I use social media but I think you should use it at the right time and not be anti-social with it. I think we’re really good here at Seaford but you often see people out with friends with everyone on their phone.

What is the one thing that really annoys you? I get annoyed with wastefulness for example disposable cups, plastic cutlery and throwing away food.

If you could say one thing to the Prime Minister what would it be? I’ve always been interested in the way she communicates in her meetings. I’d like to know how often she sees the Queen and what input she has. I’d also ask her about her weekly regime and what she does in her spare time. I’d like to know how she deals with the stress levels in such a big job.

Do you have a role model and if so who is it and why? I like sport, the rugby player Richie Mcaw has good attributes, a high skill level, plays the game well, and I’ve never seen him in a bad light.

What are you most passionate about? Sport, the way it’s played, and having friendships from it. I like learning about leadership from it and I lead by example. I like rugby, it creates a good community and the teamwork involved really bonds you. When you work hard as a team and have success, it feels really good.

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