Elliot Brown talks about how it felt to be selected for the England PD Lions and what drives him to succeed

Elliot Brown, from Year 12, has made his debut for the England Physical Disability (PD) Lions cricket team. His is a story of following your dreams and, as we say at Seaford ‘reaching for the heights’.

Elliott, who has cerebral palsy, started playing cricket at Seaford in Year 4. He is now the Seaford 2nd team captain and describes the past year as “really good, we only lost one game!”. Alongside playing at Seaford, Elliot also plays for Steyning Cricket Club and has done for a number of years. He credits them for their support and the fact that they have always been good with him and his disability. In 2015 Elliot was picked to play for Sussex Cricket Club’s disability team, and after three years he joined Middlesex’s disability team before he was selected to play for the England PD Lions.

Chris Adams, Head of Seaford Cricket, says he was “Absolutely delighted for Elliott. I know how much it means to him and will mean to him over the coming years to be part of that squad”. It was Chris who made Elliott the second team captain. “It’s a meaty role” he says “He has taken it, grabbed it with both hands and sprinted off into the distance with it”.

The respect that Chris has for Elliot and his passion and determination is mutual. Elliot credits Chris and Seaford for their support “Seaford, and especially Chris Adams have been great with me… Being captain has been great. I get to learn how to manage men. How to lead a group – always useful tools to have”.

Since opening our doors in 1884, Seaford College has consistently lived by the motto of ‘Ad Alta!’ Encouraging students to ‘reach for the heights’ we are proud of how our students have, over the years, always flourished to be the best of their ability both inside and outside the classroom. And this is clearly the case with Elliot. He has put his all into his cricket, working hard to be the best that he can be.

His aspirations for the future are to “play for England and win a World Cup”.

Chris Adams summarises it nicely, highlighting that Elliot has had “Amazing support from an amazing family and it is our role to continue that support. If their dreams are high, we have an obligation to make sure that we assist them in everything to make sure that they have that opportunity”.

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