Taking on the Greek Theatre Tragedy, Antigone

Antigone looks on as King Creon speaksLast term the Senior Drama performers took to the stage with a wonderful production of Greek Theatre Tragedy, Antigone, and once again, Seaford College students demonstrated that they are capable of performing very challenging plays from a range of genres and historical periods.

“There were some really outstanding and mature performances from those playing principle characters,” said Dr Jane Askew, “but the Year 10 boys who acted as the Senators had the extremely difficult task of being on stage the whole time, responding to each of the unfolding episodes, and directing the audience’s attention to key ideas and meanings throughout the piece.  I was very impressed by the whole cast, both in their performances and their professionalism during rehearsals.  They should all feel very proud of their achievement.”

You can watch a few highlights from the production below!

Fergus Segrove, who played King Creon in the production, spoke to us about the challenge of taking on the part.

“I really enjoyed portraying King Creon in the school’s production of Antigone. It was somewhat challenging to learn multiple speeches, but presenting such a callous antagonist to the audience was very entertaining, even for my own perspective. I look forward to the school play next year, and I hope it enables me to perform some more comical acting, as I loved doing so in the previous production of Twelfth Night.”

Some of the photos from the production are below.

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