Classics students showing their enthusiasm

Students and teacher Tim Farmer after their classics lectureThe Classics department at Seaford attended a number of interesting Seminars and Lectures last term, and our Classics teacher Tim Farmer is pleased with the enthusiasm of his students. Year 12 student, Eddie MacKenzie,  penned his thoughts for us on some of the recent trips.

Oedipus Rex

We went to see Guildford College’s production of Oedipus the King. It was very educational, and very relevant to our syllabus. The play itself was excellent, especially considering it was produced and directed by a single sixth form student. Food for thought!

Odyssey lecture at Guildford Girls’ School

This trip was extremely useful, because it helped us to look at our set text, the Odyssey by Homer, from other perspectives and enriched our general understanding of the poem, as well as reinforcing some ideas that we already had.

Classics Students Classics Seminar on the development of Roman Culture

Despite this not being directly relevant to our syllabus, I am glad that I went because it gave me a better understanding of Roman culture, and therefore I think it will be helpful whilst we are studying the Aeneid by Vergil because it will help us to understand the target audience of the poem.

Sovereign Lectures London

This series of lectures was extremely useful, because they gave us an in-depth understanding and knowledge of Greek theatre before we started studying it, therefore making it easier for us to get to grips with some of the plays that we shall have to read.

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