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Day 4

We are all starting to settle into the tour now, slowly adapting to the time difference. We awoke for an early breakfast, back at the very popular Five Stags restaurant. They have fed us well over the past couple of days while we have stayed in Hanmer Springs. It was really quite damp when we were packing up to leave, but we were pleasantly surprised to be driving away from this and into much sunnier and warmer conditions.

We arrived at our next accommodation, Top 10 Motels in Christchurch, just after 12:00pm and after checking in, headed to the local mall for a some lunch and a chance to look around the shops. So far we have not come across many bargains! We were then able to train again today, both the boys and the girls, at a local school. It was great to have a final opportunity to work on some tactical aspects in preparation for tomorrow’s first matches. Jamie also provided a circuit for the girls to develop their strength and mobility to get them started. Both the boys’ and girls’ squads trained really well and there is definitely an air of determination among them.

There was time for showers before we met to go to ‘Joe’s Garage’ for pizza this evening. Mr Bird and Miss Teague had managed to arrange this earlier in the day. With so many of us invading their small diner, it was great that the pizza just kept coming and all were able to enjoy their pre-match day meal.

Once again the group could not wait to get back to their rooms for a good nights sleep, which we think is a good idea the night before their first big competition.

Tomorrow we will be up early for a big breakfast, before making the drive down to Timaru to see our friends Roncalli College, a destination that we have all been so looking forward to. After the matches we will continue onto Dunedin.

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