Year 9 to hold Charity Day for Teenage Cancer Trust

Seaford World RecordsThis year, Year 9 is trying to raise as much money as possible in aid of their chosen charity, the Teenage Cancer Trust, by attempting to break as many world records as possible.

The event is taking place on the afternoon of Wednesday 28th June, from 4-5.30pm down at the Pavilion, and we’d love as many people there on the day supporting our young fundraisers.

Each year, roughly 2,555 teenagers are diagnosed with cancer, and that inspired the ambitious target of raising £2,555.

Spacehopper ChallengeHere are some of the activities they are trying to break records for:

  • Longest water balloon thrown and caught (without it breaking)
  • Fastest 100m on a space-hopper
  • Most M&Ms eaten blindfolded, with chopsticks, in one minute
  • Most leap frogs in 30 seconds
  • Most trampoline ‘seat-drops’ within a minute
  • Most sticky notes on the face, in one minute

You get the idea! Basically, a lot of fun, silly games that lots of people can get involved with.

George Vernon, Head of Year 9, said that “it’s a charity the children chose, it’s one that’s very close to our hearts. We’ve been raising money all year, and with this big event we want to hit our target.”

If you’d like to donate, to support this wonderful cause, please visit their Just Giving Page.


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