Getting to know Seaford’s resident golf professional, Jack Halsey

Jack Halsey on Seaford's golf courseWhen you first drive through the gates of Seaford College you are greeted with the unique sight of the golf range and the first tee of our magnificent nine-hole course.

Golf at Seaford is thriving, with more and more students taking up the sport, and using the wonderful facilities we have at the school. And, as we’ve had such fantastic weather recently, we took the opportunity to join Jack Halsey, Seaford’s resident golf professional, on the course, to watch him in action and discuss his career so far, and philosophy on teaching golf.

Jack, who joined Seaford in September, is still pinching himself about the golfing facilities at the school. “It is a unique set up here at Seaford College and is very rare that you get to work in an establishment like this”, Jack said. “We have a golf course, driving range and short game area situated within the school. To get those facilities normally you would have to go to a golf club but we have them right on our doorstep and that is a huge advantage in growing the sport.”

Jack coaches students in both the Prep School and Senior School and he is delighted with the progress that is being made by the school’s golfers. “I just want to grow the game at Seaford and make sure the students have a keen interest in the sport”, he commented. “As a coach I want to be available to the students to help them get a better golf swing and get out and play some golf with someone there to support them.”

Jack turned professional three years ago and will be playing in ten tournaments this summer. He feels playing competitively is beneficial to his coaching at Seaford College. “I think it is important that I still go and play in tournaments and the school support me in that. I can bring that experience back to the school and pass it onto the students and some of the golfers we have here are really feeding off that.”

Golf at Seaford College is going from strength to strength and Jack feels the school is a special place to work. “I would say Seaford College is an exceptional and unique school. I had never been here before I got the job but I remember coming through the gates and thinking it was a magical and lovely place. Seaford College is a wonderful environment to work in and I am loving every minute of being here.”

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