Young Shakespeare Company inspires Year 9

YSC Performing Macbeth
Last week, the Young Shakespeare Company came to Seaford College to perform Macbeth to Year 9, in a fantastic event that inspired the students.

The YSC combines clear, accessible and well-paced acting with challenging yet inclusive workshop activities. The emphasis throughout is on the importance of choice and interpretation in the process of putting on a play. Taking suggestions from the students, their skilled actors explore the choices of the rehearsal process and allowed the students to see their ideas put into practice, offering new insights into the text in performance.

Seaford students enjoying YSC Macbeth performance Seaford students enjoying YSC Macbeth performance

“YSC gave a superb performance which captivated the entire year group from the very beginning,” said Hayley Johnson, Head of English. “Most of Year 9 had limited knowledge of the play before we arranged for YSC to come in: now they can’t wait to start studying the text.  This was Shakespeare as it was always intended: revolting, hilarious and entertaining.  We want to continue organising events like these to bring classic literature to life and to inspire our students beyond the classroom.”

YSC Macbeth Performance Seaford students taking part in YSC Macbeth performance

You can find out more about the YSC on their website.

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