Seaford choristers head to Voice in a Million

Music Block entrance fisheye viewOn Wednesday 8th March, Seaford College will take forty of their junior choristers to the SSE Arena, Wembley to be part of the annual “Voice in a Million” charity concert.

The Seaford choristers will join other schools at the SSE Arena, Wembley and together they will combine to make a choir of up to 6,000 singers on what promises to be a spectacular night.

“Voice in a Million” was founded in 2009 to raise awareness for the plight of millions of children worldwide, that are orphaned, abandoned or separated from their birth parents; and in need of a loving family for life.

Sara Reynolds, Director of Performing Arts at Seaford College, says the concert will be a wonderful event and is delighted that Seaford’s choristers are part of the 6,000 strong choir. “Our rehearsals have been loud and fun and jolly because that is what the night is all about.There are rock and pop songs on the evening and our choristers have had to learn some dance moves so they have had a blast and we have discovered lots of budding rock stars”.

And she thinks singing at the SSE Arena, Wembley will be something all the choristers will remember for the rest of their lives. “To sing at Wembley Arena is a huge thing for all the schools at the concert. There are many professional singers that have not performed there and it will be an enormous thrill for our choristers to perform at Wembley Arena on Wednesday night in aid of a wonderful cause”.

There will be updates throughout the day on the Seaford College Facebook and Twitter pages as our Junior Choristers head to the SSE Arena, Wembley to be part of the choir at the “Voice in a Million” concert.


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