Seaford celebrates World Book Day 2017

Seaford College enjoyed a whole week of activities to celebrate World Book Day, capped off with the new Prep School Head, Alastair Brown, joining in with the costume efforts by dressing up as the famous red and white-striped explorer on World Book Day.

We kicked off the week with a World Book Day Quiz at Assembly. Four teams from Norwood and Springfield Houses competed in the competition, and two of them were neck and neck right until the final round. Springfield B won the individual team competition with 26 points, but Norwood won the combined total with 46.

Prep School pupils were set several challenges to complete throughout the week, such as reading as many different things as they could, from books to recipes. But the biggest challenge was for each pupil to produce their very own “Top Trumps” style Character Card. The task was simple – pick a character from a book, draw them, and then rank them in each of these key areas: Strength, Humour, Magic, and Brains. This really got the pupils thinking about different books, and they discussed their characters with great enthusiasm.

Pupils worked hard on their Character Cards all week, and handed them in at the end of the week. The best of them are going to be selected to form part of Seaford’s official Character Card challenge! The College is looking at having several packs professionally printed for pupils to use around the school.

Seaford Pupils proudly show their character card designs

Prep School pupils also took their books with them to Forest School, for a spot of reading around the campfire. Ty, in year 2, read aloud from his Disney book, Easy to Read Stories, and read about the Lion King around the camp fire.  “It’s my favourite book because I love Disney!” The activity was a big hit with the young pupils, particularly Sophia, in year 4. “Reading around the fire makes you feel calm, and makes all your worries go away, and it’s fun!” Matt Gough, Head of Outdoor Education, was full of praise for the pupils; “It was very brave of the children to read aloud around the campfire.”

Taking books to Forest School

On World Book Day the book shop was open for business, so the children could buy a World Book Day book with their £1 Book Token, and the teachers ran a variety of reading activities in their classes throughout the day. Then Steve from the bookshop had the all-important task of judging the best costumes of the day, a tough task as there were many excellent efforts to choose from!

Year 4 in their costumes on World Book Day Where's Wally tries to find himself Cruella DeVille and her dalmations

To mark the end of the ‘Book Week’, the Prep School ran a book swap. Pupils brought books into school that they wished to swap, and all were displayed. To purchase one of the books, pupils and staff just had to donate 50p. All money raised will be donated to the Anthony Nolan Trust, a charity close to everyone’s hearts at Seaford College.

Eleanor Jones, Seaford’s Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, planned a lot of the week’s activities for the Prep School. “We’ve really gone for it this year, especially in the Prep School. World Book Day has been going for a long time, and I think it’s hugely important to make books the centre of what schools are about. In Seaford we are really keen to push reading and this is one way we can make it exciting for the children.”

The fun wasn’t just reserved for the Prep School. Director of Academic Development, John Doy, created a ‘Whose book is it anyway?’ game for the Senior School students. Several teachers held up one of their books over their faces for a photo, and the students had to guess the name of the teachers hiding behind the book.

Headmaster John Green was really pleased with the enthusiasm of the students throughout the week. “As Sue Mordecai said at Seaford’s recent Gifted and Talented Conference, after the age of 7 we learn new words from what we read, which can be a real challenge with the Screenager generation. We wanted to really encourage enthusiasm for books and reading. It was lovely to see our regular activities like Forest School bringing reading into their sessions, and the enthusiasm of the pupils throughout the week.”

Seaford World Book Prep School

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