Seaford College pupils and staff enjoy productive trip to Naples

Seaford College Naples trip 3Seaford College Naples trip 4Seaford College Naples trip 1Seaford College Naples trip 2Earlier in the summer, Seaford College took 43 Year 9 pupils, ten geography students and five members of staff to Naples for three nights. The trip began with a very early start, when the group met up in Gatwick’s North Terminal at 4am. They then flew to Naples and stayed in the beautiful clifftop village of Piano di Sorrento, with a lovely volcanic black sand beach below.

The group visited Mount Vesuvius to study the famous AD79 catastrophe as well as more recent eruptions. They discussed the threat the volcano poses to the surrounding region, reasons why people remain in hazardous areas, and the evacuation and monitoring procedures in place to keep people safe. Later they visited the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum to witness the impact of the AD79 eruption and took a ferry to Capri to study the island’s coastal scenery.

“It really helped students with their case studies and fieldwork skills for their IGCSE course,” said Julian Hart, Seaford Prep School’s new Deputy Head, who organised the tour. “It was an excellent trip.”

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