Seaford College GCSE student William Morris celebrates 8A*s and 2As

Seaford College William Morris from Graffham gained 8 A-stars and 2 As with his mumSeaford College GCSE student William Morris is celebrating 8A*s and 2As.  William gained 2A*s in English Language and English Literature.  In addition to this success William gained a phenomenal 100% pass mark in his English Literature.

William said:  “I’m very pleased. There are none that I’m unhappy with. It was what I was hoping to get. I got 7A*s and 3As in my mocks and even that would have been good. For my mocks I hadn’t done as much revision – I really upped my game for the actual exams. I counted it all up and I probably did 250 hours in total. I did six 45-minute sessions a day when I had time off.

“I live in Graffham. I’m not a boarder. I’ll be doing Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History at A Level and I plan to go on to university after that. I found history really interesting at GCSE and I’ve found the sciences interesting since I was little. I’ve liked science since I was six, when I’d read all the time about dinosaurs, sharks and space, and that’s just grown over time. I was always much more into reading non-fiction.

“In terms of extra-curricular activities, I play the guitar, which I’ve been taught at school, and I’m part of the school shooting team.”

Mrs Morris: “We partly chose Seaford because it’s right on my doorstep. It’s a beautiful school, has a lovely feel about it, I was impressed when I first came to look around, the children seemed so happy here, and it was a natural step after going to Ballards. He joined in Year 9.

“We looked at other schools as well but we didn’t like their attitude towards academic students. I know my son and I know what kind of environment he would thrive in. Seaford is an environment he can push himself in, rather than always being pushed. I know he can get stressed in the wrong environment – it’s much better for him to stretch himself.

“He lost his father three years ago and his father always pressed upon William the importance of education, so part of his drive is a desire to make his Dad proud.

“He’s been a member of MENSA since he was nine. He isn’t naturally sporty, he isn’t naturally arty, but he is naturally academic. By the time he started Year 2  at Lancastrian School in Chichester, he had finished the Oxford Reading tree, so he’d read every book the school had.

“He wants to do a PhD eventually. He wants to be Dr William Morris. He wanted to be a vet for a very long time but the Head of Chemistry at Seaford, Mr Priest, wrote in his last report that once in a generation a child with Williams’s natural ability for chemistry comes along, so we he would like to nudge him towards doing a bio-chemistry degree at Oxford or Cambridge.”

William also undertook a sponsored 7km walk from Graffham to Cocking in memory of his father earlier in the year and raised £200 for the Macmillan Cancer Support palliative care unit in Midhurst and £200 for Cancer Research UK. All of the money was donated by the College’s staff and students.

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