Seaford College alumnus Felicity Lloyd-Coombes returns to school to host ceramics workshop

Felicity Lloyd Coombes workshop June 2016 - 07 3A3A8561 webFelicity Lloyd Coombes workshop June 2016 - 01 3A3A8364 WEBFelicity Lloyd Coombes workshop June 2016 - 08 3A3A8478 webFelicity Lloyd Coombes workshop June 2016 - 11 3A3A8462 webFelicity Lloyd Coombes workshop June 2016 - 03 3A3A8445 webFelicity Lloyd Coombes workshop June 2016 - 09 3A3A8494 webSeaford College alumnus Felicity Lloyd-Coombes visited the school’s art department last Friday for a ceramic workshop. Felicity is now a professional ceramic artist and spent a productive day with our Year 10/12 3D Design pupils.

“Felicity shared her passion for ceramics with GCSE students as she demonstrated her sculptural skills and techniques,” said 3D Design teacher Miss Wiggin, who organised the session. “Felicity works with a unique hand-building method using paper clay over a chicken wire frame. Each pupil successfully sculpted a 3D clay hare, which they were all very proud of. It was wonderful to see the different personalities of the hare sculptures develop over the course of the day.”

The pupils based their work on one of Felicity’s reclining hares and followed a step-by-step demonstration. She assisted each of them individually as they worked, using pliers to manipulate the wire and wooden skewers to support the long ears as they dried. Paper clay is a mixture of clay and paper pulp that creates a wonderful texture and is surprisingly light when fired.

The pupils then cut back into their hare sculptures to make the slits for the eyes with scissors, with some of them feeling apprehensive as they didn’t want to ruin their pieces. The work will take at least four weeks to dry out before it is fired. Students will then use glaze and oxide to decorate their pieces.

Felicity defines the structure of muscles and bones in her work accurately, although pupils were encouraged to exaggerate the feet and ears of their hare, and she spends a lot of time observing British animals at first-hand.

She recognised some of her old teachers around the school, where she used to be a boarder, and enjoyed looking around the school site and seeing all of the changes that have occurred since her time studying here.

“Felicity made it look very easy!” said Miss Wiggin. “She was very encouraging and positive in her approach, and the pupils were very proud of their work and asked to take their hares home on the day! All the students achieved an excellent result that will count towards their 3D Design coursework.”

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