Seaford College stages Goblin racing contest

Seaford College Goblin racing event (April 2016) 3Seaford College Goblin racing event (April 2016) 4Seaford College Goblin racing event (April 2016) 2Seaford College Goblin racing event (April 2016) 1On Saturday, Greenpower Education Trust held the fourth Goblin racing event of 2016 at Seaford College. The Goblin initiative allows children aged 9-11 to build and race their own all-electric cars. Last weekend’s event attracted 24 entries from primary schools across Sussex and Hampshire and was staged on Seaford’s tennis courts.

In the morning, the cars had to navigate a slalom track and then compete in a drag race. After lunch, there were a series of head-to-head contests. Prizes were awarded to the three fastest cars in each event and there were additional awards that focused on the work the teams had put in to building their Goblin cars prior to the races.

The Seaford team consisted of Edward Gordon-Thomson and Samuel Brown (both Year 6); Joshua Rymer, Dylan Sharpe and James Shaw (all Year 5); and Toby Price from Year 4. The pupils all worked very well together and enjoyed the day. Each of them took turns to drive in the slalom and drag racing events, and then lots were drawn to see who would be our two drivers for the sprint.

Joshua Rymer said: “I really enjoyed it, especially getting through to the semi-finals.” Dylan Sharpe added: “I liked how everyone, parents and children, were so supportive. It didn’t matter if you lost or won, but just about how much team work you put into it.”

“The teams had a fantastic day and there were a good mix of winners at the prize-giving,” said Greenpower event manager Becci Diffey. “The event was also well supported by local volunteers, who included parents from participating teams, previous participants of the Goblin project, and those who regularly attend Greenpower events.

“We’d like to say a big thank you to Seaford College for providing such wonderful facilities free of charge for the second year running and we look forward to returning to Seaford again in 2017.”

The IET Formula Goblin project aims to inspire children to take an interest in engineering in a fun and innovative way. The kits for the cars come flat-packed with step-by-step instructions to guide the teams through construction in an easily understandable manner. The building process introduces pupils to basic mechanics and on completion they can use the vehicles at any of Greenpower’s events around the UK.

Local primary schools who participated included Northchapel, Walberton & Binsted, Pennthorpe, Conifers, Fishbourne CE, Great Ballard, Harting C of E, Chichester Free School, St Mary’s CofE Clymping, and Boxgrove. The overall winners were Funtington Primary School.


The full awards for the day were as follows:

1st Sprint: Funtington Primary School – XLR8

2nd Sprint: St Mary’s CofE Primary School Clymping – Team Voltzwagon

3rd Sprint: Pennthorpe School – Speed Eagle


1st Drag: Funtington Primary School – XLR8

2nd Drag: St Mary’s CofE Primary School Clymping – Team Clymping Roycecharger

3rd Drag: Pennthorpe School – Pennthorpe Colour Strike


1st Slalom: Pennthorpe School – Pennthorpe Colour Strike

2nd Slalom: Thomas A Becket Junior School – The TABinator

3rd Slalom: Pennthorpe School – Speed Eagle


Additional awards:

Best Present Team: Boxgrove Primary School – Boxgrove Barracuda Bullet

Best Bodywork: Harting Primary School – The Harting Hot Rod

Greenest Bodywork: Four Marks Primary School – Sugar Rush

Spirit of Greenpower: Harlands Primary School

Portfolio Award: Four Marks Primary School – Pandamania, The Creeper, The Sports Car & Sugar Rush


Overall Winners: Funtington Primary School – XLR8


For more details about Goblin racing, please click here.

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