Seaford College cadets undergo field-training weekend

Seaford College cadets field-training 3Seaford College cadets field-training 2Seaford College cadets field-training 4Last weekend, Seaford College cadets from all three services took part in a field-training exercise in preparation for this year’s central annual camp.

The aim of the exercise was to provide the cadets with the necessary weapons, fieldcraft and patrolling skills needed to gain the full benefits of the annual camp. It was also an ideal opportunity to give the school’s cadet Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) a chance to develop not only their personal skills but also their leadership abilities by receiving command appointments throughout the weekend.

The first day saw the cadets being given weapons training and instruction on how to eat and live effectively in the field. They then occupied and prepared a defensive position for the evening, with each cadet experiencing the joy that is sentry duty.

After sunset, the cadets also received a demonstration in light and noise discipline, as well as learning how to move quietly at night. Early morning saw the cadets awake and in their defensive positions, before carrying out the morning routine of cleaning their weapons, washing themselves and cooking breakfast.

Once all the morning administration was complete, the cadets moved from their position, ensuring no trace of their occupation was left behind. Weapons training continued for the remainder of Sunday morning and there was also a chance to learn patrolling skills such as obstacle crossing and setting up all-round defence.

The weekend was organised and run by the SSI, Sgt Gough, with the assistance of 2Lt Baxter RM and 2Lt Gisby. All the staff agreed that the cadets had performed admirably throughout the two days.

“I was very happSeaford College cadets field-training 1y with the standard the cadets achieved,” said Sgt Gough. “All the Year 10 cadets were enthusiastic and exceeded my expectations, while the cadet NCOs demonstrated good leadership skills in all the command appointments given to them. I would especially like to mark out Cadet LCpl George Bridgeman, who was a fantastic example to all the junior cadets.”

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