Seaford College CCF stages Regimental Dinner

Seaford College CCF Regimental Dinner 2016 - The new CCF command, Contingent Commander Major A Plewes RM, and School Staff Instructor Sgt M Gough R SigsSeaford College CCF Regimental Dinner 2016 - Cadet PO Charlie Ghinn reading an account of the naval bombardment of Algiers in 1816Seaford College CCF Regimental Dinner 2016 - Event organiser and Cadet force volunteer Mr W Baxter, school governor Colonel J Crosland CBE, MC, and his former Para colleague WO2 Stevie GerrardSeaford College CCF Regimental Dinner 2016 - The dinner laid out in traditional arrangement

Seaford College CCF held its annual Regimental Dinner at the beginning of the month. Organised as an enjoyable evening for both staff and senior Cadets, it was also a cultural enrichment opportunity. Many of the cadets had speaking parts, including the reading of VC citations and the recounting of regimental and service honours, as well as the grace and toasts, all rounded off by the senior cadet, Staff Sergeant Alex Reese, addressing the guests, staff and Cadets.

Contingent Commander Major Andrew Plewes RM said: “The evening was a great success and definitely fulfilled the purpose of thanking our guests for their support, as well as strengthening the camaraderie and esprit de corps within the CCF.

“The event also provided the opportunity to ‘dine out’ the departing School Staff Instructor WO2 Stevie Gerrard after an illustrious career in the Parachute Regiment followed by an equally gruelling 24 years at Seaford College. He will be remembered very fondly by a generation of Seafordians and CCF staff for his inimitable style and hugely significant input to the school CCF.”

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