Arturo Ui – the gangster show to end all gangster shows

Seaford College drama Arturo Ui FergusLast week, students of Seaford College presented a powerful and challenging production of Bertolt Brecht’s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. The cast made up of students between the ages of 14 and 18 gave a confident and witty presentation of the play, with standout performances from Fergus Segrove Seaford College drama Arturo Ui group shot(Year 10) in the title role, Beci Eden (Year 13) as presenter of the ‘gangster show to end all gangster shows’, and Eva Ruseva (Year 13) as Betty Dullfoot.

The play is a clever parody of Hitler’s rise to power set in 1930s Chicago gangland. The production design by Jamie Klückers evoked the dark atmosphere of the era, from speakeasy to backstreet garage massacre to courtroom drama. The final scene created a chilling image reminiscent of the Nazi rallies familiar to us from newsreel Seaford College drama Arturo Ui Evafootage.

The director, Dr Jane Askew, said: “All of the cast are to be commended for their engaging and strong performances, but Fergus in the role of Arturo Ui was outstanding. He created a synthesis between the character of a 1930s Seaford College drama Arturo Ui BeciAmerican mobster and a carefully studied observation of Hitler that was remarkable for a boy of his age.

“There have been several messages from audience members praising the cast for their handling of such a thought-provoking play.”



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