The Mansion Boarding Experience

Sarah Brabin chatting in Mansion Girls Boarding HouseSarah Brabin, Lower Sixth, is a boarder at Mansion. She joined Seaford in September, and we had a chat with her to find out what boarding at Seaford is like, and how she is finding her A-Levels.

For how long have you been a boarder?
I joined Seaford in September, so I started boarding then. I had never boarded before that, so it has been quite a big change. But I am really enjoying it, especially the social side of boarding, as I’m getting to know lots of different people.

What are you studying?
I am studying for A Levels in Physics, Maths, IT and Psychology.

What kind of activities do you get involved in at Mansion?
I do the pilates class and this Thursday we’re having a pizza and movie night, which I am really looking forward to. I’m a weekly boarder, but I do stay on the occasional weekends to take part in the trips. I went on the trip to Harry Potter World which was really fun, and I’ll be staying weekends nearer to exams to really concentrate on my revision. I am also a Boarding Prefect at Mansion.

What is it like being a Boarding Prefect at Mansion?
I was really happy to be trusted with the responsibility of being a prefect. I really enjoy it! Each prefect has a night on duty where they collect electrical items from the younger years before they go to bed, and we have to make sure that they go to bed too. Prefects also have a dining hall duty at supper time.

How has boarding at Seaford helped you?
It really helps with my studies. I get distracted at home; I have a little sister so I don’t manage to get that much work done. But at Mansion, we have set prep hours, so we do prep for 2 hours in the evening, and it’s just gone up to 2 ½ hours. It’s easier to work because everyone else is working around you, and Miss Prince-Iles really motivates you.Mansion Girls Boarding House

Have you seen a change in yourself since you started boarding?
My parents think I study a lot harder, and I really do. My hard work has really paid off, as my predicted grades are a lot higher. At my old school, I was predicted Ds, and I was really demotivated, as I knew I could do a lot better. At Seaford, I’m being predicted Bs, and my Challenge Grades have really helped me. They are realistic, but also really motivating. They showed me that the teachers here believe in me, and so now I am much more able to believe in myself. I’m really motivated to achieve higher things and to fulfil my potential.

How do Miss Prince-Iles [Houseparent] and Miss Sims [Resident Assistant] help you in the house?
Miss Prince-Ises and Miss Sims are really friendly, enthusiastic, and fair. You know if you ever had a problem they would help you. They give off this great feeling of kindness.

Do you take part in any extra-curricular activities?
I’ve just started to do CCF; I’ve never done anything like it before. I’m outdoorsy, and I thought it would be good to do something different. I’m in the RAF section, and we went flying, which I really enjoyed. I actually had a go at flying a real plane. The CCF is really good fun, and you get to mix with a lot of different people. I also love running; I really enjoy running around the grounds. It’s just so beautiful here, and I can let off a lot of steam when I run.

What would you like to do in the future?
I’m thinking about going to university to study IT.

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