Seaford’s Rugby Captain on Balancing A Levels and Rugby

Harry Collins playing rugbyWe caught up with Harry Collins, Captain of Seaford’s 1st XV and Deputy Head Boy to find out how he is balancing his A Levels with his rugby training.

Where are you from?
Just outside of Guildford.

How long have you been at Seaford?
This is my seventh year at Seaford.

Why did you choose Seaford?

The sport is really good, and Seaford’s academic focus and individual attention is great.

What do you like about Seaford both from an academic and an extra-curricular perspective?
There is a massive range of extra-curricular activities, from sport to CCF and all the adventure stuff, it’s such a bonus. From an academic perspective, the teachers at Seaford actually care about your learning. In the Sixth Form there are smaller classes and everything is a lot more concentrated. The teachers know you very well, they know how you learn and they care a lot, which really helps us to do well.

What are you studying?
A Level Geography, Business Studies and PE.

How have you found the transition from GCSE to A Level?
I’ve really liked it: at A Level there are fewer subjects, whereas at GCSE you study eleven or twelve. It’s a lot more concentrated, and although it does get harder, I’ve really enjoyed it because I love the subjects I study, and you get to go into them in a lot more depth.

How do you balance you studies with your rugby? Do you train every day?
During the season I will train every day, and I get a lot of support with my timetable from my teachers. I make sure that I get work done in my free periods. I also have prep for 2 ½ hours in Heden every evening, so I will get my work done. I have been able to balance my workload and my rugby; but if the teachers find out that you are slacking they will take you aside and try to help you. You really learn how to balance your life, which is great preparation for university.

Do you enjoy being captain of the 1st XV? What are you learning from the role?
I really enjoy it! I’ve enjoyed seeing how all the boys have progressed from Year 7 and Year 8, and how different players progress and take on different attributes. My leadership skills have improved as well; I feel really confident in front of a big group, which will help me in the future.

What are your plans for the future?
I’d like to go to university next year to study Real Estate. I’d love to continue playing rugby, maybe at university or club level.

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