CCF Summer Camp

cadet-camp2014LRThis year Seaford CCF have been back at Crowborough Camp for a fantastic Summer Camp. Twenty six cadets took part and on day 1 this Platoon showed its skills on the Platoon Attack, as the cadets convincingly took on the deployed enemy forces of a bunch of Gurkha soldiers! The weather was hot, and the cadets all worked really hard, physically and tactically, and many lessons were learned. Most importantly, however, Seaford won!
Day 2 saw Seaford in the Military Skills phase, and the group moved through a series of stands that tested their abilities. The First Aid stand was split into two scenarios, a crashed helicopter and a crashed vehicle, each with casualties that needed treatment. It was almost too realistic, with smoke pouring out of the two vehicles, and injured people writhing around on the ground.
The Survival stand showed how to make clean water out of the fetid contents of a ditch, and how to make fire from not a lot in order to create warmth and cooking opportunities. Everyone built their own upside down fire, with the large wood on the bottom and the kindling at the top!
Day 3 was a chance to fire weapons, ranging from No 8 .22 on the indoor range, Cadet version of the SA80 on the full-bore outdoor range, Paint-ball, Airsoft and Laser Quest.  A great time was had firing off rounds of all categories, much appreciated by everyone, including the staff. One cadet, who shall remain anonymous, even managed to fire off a Paintball round and hit the Sgt Major on the hand!
Competition Day was on Day 4, and everybody took part in the many aspects of the morning activities. Seaford managed to come 2nd in the Observation Stand, but that notwithstanding, all competitors worked with much gusto and energy. The same afternoon, Seaford deployed onto the Training Area of Pippingford Park in order to carry out a number of Reconnaissance Patrols to gather intelligence on enemy intentions. Everyone loved sleeping out that night under bashas and eating from the 24-hour ration packs. Seaford are pleased to announce that the next Head Cadet will be Sgt Harry Marchant, and that the Best Cadet of the Camp was LCpl Aaron Bulman – good effort.
Tired and weary the Cadets returned to home base at Seaford, just as the rest of College was standing down for the start of the Summer Holidays. What a great start to the Summer Break. Well done everyone!

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