IMG_6171web2For several weeks the Cadets had been practising their drill in readiness for this Inspection Parade, and finally the big day arrived. The weather cleared and the CCF enjoyed a hot and sunny day as the Contingent marched on and formed up to await the arrival from Mansion of the Reviewing Officer, Brigadier Magowan CBE, (late of the Royal Marines).
Head Cadet Flight Sergeant Daniel Atkinson reported the Contingent as ready for Inspection, and the Brigadier kindly inspected the Guard of Honour, the Royal Navy Section, and the Pipes and Drums of the Gordon’s School. He took time to speak to each cadet in turn, and showed genuine interest in the comments they made.
As ever, the Cadets performed impressively well, the Gordon’s School Pipes and Drums gave their usual excellent performance, and almost as a mark of respect, an RAF Chinook helicopter coincidentally flew overhead even as the Brigadier inspected the Guard of Honour!IMG_6051web1
After lunch, there was a full afternoon of activities for the cadets who basked in some early summer weather. The cadets going on Summer Camp at the end of term and who had already passed their Weapon Handling Test progressed to a blank firing exercise involving Pairs Fire and Movement, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Those who had not yet passed the test devoted the afternoon in preparation for the Test, and 3 Year 11s and 1 Year 13 successfully took and passed the Weapons Test.
Others of the Contingent followed a rotation that took them through a First Aid stand that simulated a Road Traffic Accident; a Wood-craft stand that demonstrated how to make fire, and how to exploit natural vegetation to flavour food for cooking; a Paintball Close Quarter Battle stand that gave cadets the chance to ‘splat’ targets as they dashed forward.
It was a brilliant afternoon and all the cadets enjoyed themselves immensely, and are looking forward now to getting IMG_6298web3involved in some of the other aspects of the syllabus that do not require too much marching foot drill!

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