Seaford College Choir will Sing with Gary Barlow on 23 April at his Bournemouth Concert!

Seaford College Choir has been chosen to sing at the forthcoming tour of Gary Barlow.  The choir of 20 choristers will perform with Gary Barlow himself on his Jubilee composition ‘Sing’ and will take place on Wednesday 23 April at the Bournemouth International Arena.  The 20 choristers have been chosen from both the Prep school and Senior school and are busy rehearsing over the Easter holidays.

Holly Graham, year 12 said: “to get the chance to meet Gary Barlow is amazing but to also be able to sing in a concert with him is unbelievable.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’ll never forget.  We are practicing hard during our Easter holidays to make sure we are perfect on the night.  I know we’ll all be nervous but once it’s over I know I’ll be buzzing.  The choir knew a while ago but his record company asked us to keep it a secret until he’d performed his first concert.  It’s been really hard not to tell all of my friends.”

Sara Reynolds, Head of Voice & Choirs at Seaford said: “I am so thrilled that we have been given yet another marvellous opportunity to show how well the choirs here at Seaford College are singing. To sing to thousands of people during a sellout tour of an international vocalist is so exciting. The 20 choristers who have been chosen are working so hard and are enjoying the experience enormously. I am just sad we couldn’t take all 80 of the children who sing in choirs here!”  Sara Reynolds is also Head of Voice at the Junior Royal Academy of Music in London.

Seaford College has an enviable Performing Arts Department which specialises in both Music & Drama and has Tom O’Dell amongst its alumni.

Marketing & Communications Manager, Sarah Twigger announced this special event on 7th April on BBC Radio Sussex morning show. Contained in the following clip are images of our Seaford Boys’ Rugby Squad visiting a community project at The Fisantakraal Informal Settlement in South Africa during their tour in 2013.

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