Chichester Golf ClubVery good news from SoOS.  After sounding out members the society has now officially formed and will launch their inaugural event on Sunday 4th May 2014 to be played at Chichester Golf Club.  The society is open to all SoOS members providing they join up and there will also be a non playing social membership.  The school is very pleased to be able to work with the committee of OSGS – Old Seafordian Golf Society in the area of golf development at the college and one of the aims of the society is to encourage younger players to practice and learn the game which is helped by the fact we have our own 9 hole course !

The society have already secured a number of sets of clubs donated by Old Seafordians which will be deployed to the golf manager at the college for use by students.  The positive aspects of the formation of OSGS will hopefully spill over from the current students golf time at Seaford to their future should they choose to benefit from joining the Golf Society when they leave Seaford and to keep in touch and network with their own and other peer groups.  Many parents will acknowledge that leisure sports in general have helped them to network in business and to help nurture client relationships.  One thing we must acknowledge is that the golf ball does not always go where one wants it to !

See The Old Seafordians Website for more details and to join OSGS


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