CCF Tackle Fires & Sinking Ships at HMS Excellent

Seaford College Cadets and CCF Staff members were kindly invited to HMS Excellent on a Field Training Day organised by the Phoenix Group, Royal Navy, Portsmouth.   After arrival and welcome from the Phoenix Staff, the group were taken to the Fire fighting briefing room where Cadets were given the opportunity to try on the fire fighting protection gear including breathing apparatus.

 The Cadets had a tour of the fire training units and we were given a demonstration of the various techniques used depending on the types of fires and how they are caused. Cadets then had the chance of putting out the fires caused by oil, electrical and chemical sources.

The Cadets proceeded to the Damage Repair Unit and after a thorough briefing from the RN Staff, the Cadets were put into two teams and taken into the sinking ship simulator where an impact ‘emergency’ was simulated!

This involved a rapid filling of high pressure water into the small compartment which they had to remedy by plugging the various holes that had been created in a temperature of only just 9 degrees!   Despite the coldness of the water, they managed to succeed in this task which involved a huge degree of teamwork.   Jacqueline Kyte, CCF Captain Said: “A great day was had by all and we hope to repeat this again with another CCF group in the Summer term!  We were very privileged to be one of the first groups to take part in the Field Training Day normally reserved for leading worldwide Defence Agencies.”

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