90 second interview with Helen Pattinson of Montezuma’s

Helen Pattinson of Montezuma’s was interviewed today by Tara Jackson & Luciana Macari from year 13. After the interview she described it as: “really fun, very different and really hard to answer questions in such a few words. You got the best out of me, I’m used to giving long answers to journalists, I should learn to be quiet after a few words in the future.”

You can hear the audio of the interview by clicking here

Hello we’re Luciana and Tara and we are really looking forward to meeting you next week, are you ready for you’re 90 second interview?

Helen Pattinson …I am…

1. How old were you when you started your business?
I was 29
2. Did you go to university, if yes what did you study?
I did go to university and I studied Maths & Management Studies
3. Why did you start a business based on chocolate?
because I love it!
4. Did you start the business with a shop or just online?
We started with a shop in Brighton
5. Why did you open online after the shop?
the internet was booming once we opened the shop
6. Why did you choose your shop locations?
They’re all really lovely bussling towns with a great target customer base
7. What was your biggest hurdle when setting up the business?
Finding the right place for a shop
8. Did this ever make you want to give up?
No never!
9. What do you think are your key personality traits that made you successful?
Passionate, highly motivated and stubborn!
10. What motivates you?
Seeing a job done well
11. Do you travel for your job? If so where?
We travelled to discover chocolate so we travelled all over South America
12. What is your favourite chocolate in your range?
Oh that’s really tricky; my favourite bar at the moment is Open Sesame
13. Is 70% cocoa chocolate really good for you or is it just a marketing ploy?
It is good for you but obviously everything in moderation
14. Do you work in the shops?
No not very often
Thank you, thank you very much for your time

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