Community Service Expanding!

Carrying on from the very successful community action day organised at the end of last term, students from Seaford College are now being given the opportunity to go out and work in the community during the week as an alternative to games or CCF.


The community service programme is really starting to expand and students have been working at the following venues:

• Petworth Park. The first project here is to restore a cottage garden that has gone to ruin. The students are helping to clear and prepare the land and then, in consultation with the head gardener, they will order and plant traditional cottage garden flowers as well as soft fruit, herbs and vegetables. They will also lay a path, restore a wall and convert an outside toilet into a potting shed. The skills that they will learn during this project will be extensive and their legacy to the estate long-lasting.





• Brent Lodge at Sidlesham. The Seaford group helping at this wildlife hospital have been taught how to clean out hedgehog pens and how to mix the feed for them. A number of pigeons and a swan have also been given some TLC by the students.

Mount Noddy Animal Centre at Eartham. Here, the students cleaned out pens, walked dogs and played with dogs that had been victims of abuse and were being taught to re-integrate into playing with people.


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