South Africa Beckons for Seaford Rugby Squad





We have caught up with Will Norton a member of the rugby squad travelling to South Africa.  Will blogs….

….’Before the tour our team has been preparing every Monday and Thursday with training. We have worked on our fitness and tactics to prepare us for the tour. All of the team have been giving their all to make sure their fitness is up and that they are prepared for the tour. Our captain Lee Reilly has been a good motivator making sure we are all there for training, this has also been enforced by the vice captain Callum Monks. The coaches have helped us all with good support before we set off giving us use of equipment to help us with our fitness and ideas for us to raise money for the tour.

We have been raising money in many different ways. We have sold ties and created two raffles that have been offered to anyone who knows people going on the tour. Everyone has been pulling their weight to make sure they raise the money needed for us to have the best experience possible.

We have a couple more weeks of training before we leave for Cape Town and we will be receiving our tour kit soon. The whole team is excited about final preparations and we are all going to make the best use out of the opportunity.  I’m sure it will be an experience none of us will forget’. 

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