1st XV Rugby Team 1974

The Seaford 1st XV Rugby team of 1974 were a tough and victorious lot and to celebrate times past as well as the new challenges ahead for the current Seaford rugby team in their tour to South Africa this summer, Old Boy Rob Norton would like to organise a dinner hosted by the college in the Autumn of 2013.  Suitable dates will be suggested by John Green and Anthony Cooke.

If you are in touch with any of the players in this picture please could you contact Rob Norton by email : rob@nortonfamily.me.uk  and also send an email to the player in question and ask him to contact Rob by email.

We have listed the players Rob has contact with now in the members area of the Old Seafordians website.  Just log in to see those in the events tab of the members area.  Your help is appreciated and with the current uplift in England’s rugby performances recently there will be much to ponder over a few beers or do rugby players drink wine nowadays…?

Here is a private message from Rob Norton

To confirm my numbers:

Home    01243 641161                                        Mobile   07501 083868

My son Will Norton, is currently playing for the Seaford 1st IV . In July, the team go on a Rugby Tour to South Africa, how times have changed !!
John Green takes over as the New Head at the end of the year and is the team coach. While chatting to him, I mentioned our “Unbeaten Team” 1974
He didn’t know about us but is very keen to have us watch a home game in the Autumn term and then have a reunion dinner at the school.
I think it would be a great idea. There is a picture and details also on the Old Seafordians web site but we will have to work hard to contact all concerned.
No date as yet organised. Please help, it would be wonderful to all meet up again.
rgds Rob Norton

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