Seaford gets Animated

Seaford College Art Department has a number of young animators amongst its GCSE and A level candidates. Using the same software that Aardman use for ‘Wallace and Gromit’, youngsters can now create their own stop-frame animations.

Last year Millie Elwes finished a piece that she successfully used as part of her AS course and this year a number of GCSE candidates are making short animated films as part of their portfolios. Not only do they have to film the short scene, they also have to go through a lengthy design process to make the characters, and the set, whilst experimenting with the movements to make them convincing.

A couple of the early efforts can be seen at the links below.

Will Strivens piece    ‘DUTCH COURAGE’  –   Link

Ben Leonard’s piece    ‘MISERABLE LES’  –   Link



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