Day Two – the first games

Once again we rose before the sun but this time to a bit of a surprise – total power failure across Gibraltar! Before we knew it we were being limbered up by the S&C Coach and on the start line for the 1600 meter Time Trial. Christopher Mansell led the field with an impressive time of 5.45 when one considers the route included four 6 in 1 inclines.

The girls began the day with a study session to prepare for the exams. This woke them up and got them ready for a rules seminar and umpiring workshop. They continued to work hard throughout a short coaching session and a strength and conditioning circuit. By this time, they had worked up an appetite for a well-deserved lunch. This was followed by a very beneficial coaching session with some Gibraltarian International coaches, helping the girls to adapt their attacking play. This must have had a positive effect on their game play, as they successfully won their first game 16-13 against a team called All Stars. This was the first game in a very long time for some of the girls, so they got back into it and put on an excellent performance. Their reward included a 5 minute ice bath which, once they had stopped screaming, was very relaxing and enjoyable.

The boys took to the Astro and were put through their paces by the Coach before a session with Gibraltar international umpire Brian Buckley who took them through scenario after scenario through the ‘umpire’s eyes’. After lunch we continued the coaching drills in preparation for the first fixture against the Gibraltar U21 Squad.

The match started nervously as players got use to the conditions and the high tempo. During a tough first five minutes Aidan Mullins made some fantastic saves to keep the score level, however the Gibraltar U21 side kept the pressure up and capitalised on a lapse in concentration scoring the first of two within a few minutes. Despite this, Seaford started to impose themselves on the game creating some excellent attacking moves. Endless running from Bradley Paxton created space for Florian Pelzner to give an excellent pass to Ben Barnes in space down the right hand side. From this Ben won a short corner which Florian dispatched high to the keepers right side with superb accuracy and speed. Despite good work from a number of players, Seaford were 3-1 down by half time. The second half began a lot more positively and Seaford started to take the game to the U21 side creating some good chances for Jamie Whitehouse and David Haythornthwaite. Seaford College got another goal back to make it 3-2 but Gibraltar scored a late goal to make the final score 4-2.

Warm down followed and then we were ambushed by the Coach who had requested and receive 6 ice baths! A tiring day meant and power restored we all tucked into a 3 course meal back at the Retreat, including chocolate cake!!!!! After another study session, an early night was much appreciated by the girls but the boys sat down to analyse the match video in preparation for the match tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings Zumba class at 7am followed by coaching, 2 matches each and tenpin bowling tomorrow night.

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