Day 1 – Travelling and Fitness Testing

Long before the dawn the Seaford Tour Party assembled at the College to set off to Gibraltar. Bright eyed they boarded the bus for London Gatwick to meet the Tour Manager and the seven students who had travelled there direct. An event free flight saw them land in Malaga on schedule to be greeted by the Dukes Sport Advance party and they boarded two buses for the journey across the border to Gibraltar.

Arriving at the Tour Headquarters for Lunch they were allocated their rooms before heading straight to the astro for fitness assessments: 10 metre sprints, 40 metre sprints, Shuttles, Agility, Balance & Core were all tested and recorded with every student showing marked improvement as focus increased and journey lag dissipated. 

Next they moved on to stamina testing with the maximal shuttle or Bleep Test. Again good all round performance was recorded with the majority of Hockey players attaining level 11 and every Netball Player level 5 or better.

Tired limbs were dragged back onto the bus for the short trip to the beach and Coach Paxton’s New Year treat the ‘Atlantic Ice Bath’, 4 minutes of cold water therapy to boost blood circulation and reduce the risk of injury (well that’s what he said with a huge smile!).

Showers, Dinner, Study Period and Team Briefings filled the rest of the evening before lights out at 10:00.

Tomorrow starts at 7:00 am with a 1500 metre Time Trial finishing at Europa Point Light House – they say you get a great view of Morocco, but we only expect to see the dawn and Coach Paxton smiling again!

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