Ruby Pritchard celebrates her exam results

Diana Strange, Seaford's Director of Pastoral Care with Ruby Pritchard and Poppy Seaford's Pastoral dog!Congratulations to Ruby Pritchard on her A Level results (an A* and two Bs). She is going to Birmingham to read English.

After enjoying Year 12, Ruby found the initial few months of Year 13 tough. She believes that if it hadn’t been for the amazing pastoral support that Seaford offers, she may have dropped out of school. “The pastoral support here is off the scale” she says “There is no stigma here, it’s normalised!”. Ruby thanks Diana Strange, Director of Pastoral Care, for her incredible commitment. “She made it possible for me to come in each day and do my lessons”.

Ruby played netball whilst at Seaford and thanks Mrs Hegarty for being so kind and encouraging. The sports facilities in general Ruby highlights as being great. The new Johnson Centre gave her access to spin equipment as well as weights. “When I was struggling, it was great to use them to get my endorphins going”.

It was at Seaford that Ruby found her passion for English and she credits the English teachers for this. “If you want to do something here, you are supported and have the means to do it. I love Seaford because it allows you to do what you love”.
“This is the most rewarding job in the world. I am privileged to be a part of young people’s lives” says Diana Strange, Director of Pastoral Care.