Rose’s Test Page

This goes up as a heading

This ends up as a caption on the pop-up

Always paste from Notepad to remove all formatting and code © ½.

this is italic

this is a quotation and so on


fgfgfgfgfhfdjhdjkfdfdshhhhjhjhh jh jh jh jh jh jhjh jhhjh jh jh jhj h jhjhhjhjhjjhjhjhjhjhjhhhhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjh h jh jh jh j hj hjhjhjhjhj
This is a soft return (hold shift while pressing return on the keyboard) ghghgghgghg

Quick code lesson:

This is how to make something bold.

And this is italic.

H2O uses subscript tag (see below)

E=MC2 uses the superscript tag (see below).

<strong>This is how to make something bold</strong>. And <i>this is italic</i> How do you write H2O? You do it like this H<sub>2</sub>O. E=MC2 goes like this: E=MC<sup>2</sup>.
  1. This is numbered bullet text
  2. ghghgg
  3. bnbnbnbb
  4. ghghghg

This is a ‘Heading 1′ style

This is a ‘Heading 2′ style

This is a ‘Heading 3′ style

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