Kaj Pothecary celebrates his GCSE results

Kaj PothecaryCongratulations to Kaj Pothecary who secured five 9s, two 8s & three 7s in his GCSE’s.

Kaj told us that he was feeling great. “It’s not what I was expecting. I couldn’t expect this, it’s too good!”

He was particularly surprised with his English results (two 9s) as he really wasn’t expecting that. He puts the results down to the fact that there was a lot of practice beforehand. The teachers worked with them on practice papers which made the exams less of a surprise. Kaj says he also took advantage of the extra sessions the teachers put on.

“It’s the individual attention you get, especially in English and Science. If you don’t understand something you can easily ask and they will explain it. They take the extra time” he explains about the teaching at Seaford.

Alongside his study, Kaj took part in athletics at Seaford. He believes that being able to relax whilst running and doing exercise really helped him with his exams.

Kaj will be staying at Seaford to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He’s looking forward to the smaller class sizes that A Levels will bring and the greater in depth learning.