Joe Hill celebrates his results

Joe Hill with Seaford's Head of Maths celebrating top results in Further Maths & Maths at Joe's favourite place, the piano!Joe Hill is understandably very pleased with his results. With A*s in Maths and Further Maths, he in fact achieved 100% in four of his 12 modules and many others were in excess of 90%. He also secured an A in Physics. He will go to Warwick to read Maths and Physics.

Joe talks warmly of the great teachers at Seaford. “They are so engaging and incredibly adaptable”.

He has benefited from the range of things Seaford has been able to offer him. “I have really enjoyed my time here, it’s going to be weird leaving, I’ve been able to try new things I’ve done music and athletics which has been a great distraction from the academic – it’s helped me with my exams”.

Like so many others at Seaford, Joe also praises the pastoral care. “The team are great – I wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise. Other schools say that they do pastoral but Seaford actually do it”.