James Anderson celebrates his GCSE results

James AndersonCongratulations to James Anderson on his exam results.

He told us that he was “Excited to see them all. I was relived I did well”.

He was most proud of his 9 and 8 in English. “It is my weakest subject. It always has been, my whole life. I worked hard and started my revision early”.

James knows that his teachers helped too. “They were great at marking your essays. They’d get them back to you quickly so you could work on them and improve”.

He also credits the rugby that he played at Seaford. “When you have revised all day you can then go and play rugby. It gives you a break from it”.

Boarding at Seaford gave James lots of time to work. “The staff would do anything to help. If it wasn’t for them then I know I wouldn’t have done so well. They helped a lot. I’ve been able to do extra sessions after school and at the weekend. Mr d’Agar ran a lot of sessions. They’ve really helped”.

“I love Seaford because I feel at home here. I have enjoyed every minute I have been at school”.

“I have loved Seaford. It’s been the best three years of my life. The sport, the teachers, the location. It’s all been great”.

James will be staying at Seaford to study Economics, History and Geography. He’s looking forward to studying his favourite subjects (History and Geography) in more depth but also to starting Economics, something that he has not done before. He hopes to go to University in America.