Isaac Kilroy celebrates his GCSE results

Isaac KilroyCongratulations to Isaac Kilroy on his exam results.

“I am really happy. So pleased with what I got”. Isaac was especially pleased with his Spanish. “I started Spanish two years late and I have got a 6 which is great”.

He was also thrilled with his English results, where he got a 9 and an 8. These results meant a lot to Isaac. “I am dyslexic so I find English especially difficult. My teacher and I really pushed in this subject. I have had learning support which helped me to structure my day. It’s been great” he says.

“Miss Johnson really helped get my confidence back up and made me enjoy English”.

Isaac’s mum credits Mr Follows too “He was incredible. Such support. He helped Isaac every step of the way”.

Whilst Isaac was studying, her embraced the running and athletics at Seaford “It was good to have a break. Running let my brain have a break” he said.

“I love Seaford because the whole community is really supportive”.

Isaac will be staying at Seaford to study Maths, Psychology and Chemistry. He’s excited about being able to look deeper into subjects that he really enjoys.