Admissions and Fees


Trial Days – October – December

All students attend one day in school to meet the teachers and classmates. They will attend classes with our current students. This gives teachers a chance to meet them and is one of the more important of our selection tools.

References – January – February

The current school will be contacted at this time to request an academic and personal reference for your child. Please inform your school that you have registered with Seaford College.

Ability Testing – Dates will be announced shortly

If you can not attend one of these please make sure you arrange to attend the other. These tests are a very important screening aid and, if you are unable to attend any of these testing days, may delay the offer of a place.

Offers – Late January / early February

We ask for you to accept any offer as soon as possible. Easter is usually the deadline. On accepting a place, you will need to send in the completed acceptance form with the deposit to secure the place for your child.

Scholarships & Bursaries – February

Scholarships are a £500 award per year. If you require any further financial assistance please request and complete a Bursary Application before the deadline.  See The Booklet and The Application Form below for relevant dates. The Bursary Committee will meet in February to discuss Scholarships and Bursaries.

SeafordScholarship-Booklet2018 SeafordScholarship-ApplicationForm-2018

Learning Support Screening – June/July

All new pupils will be given Learning Support Screening.


Registration Fee (non-refundable) – £100

Registration Form 2017

Tuition and Boarding Fees (per term) effective from September 2019

Senior Fees (Years 9-13)

Full Boarding – £11,460
Weekly Boarding – £10,040
Day Fees – £7,410

Junior Fees (Years 7 & 8)
Weekly Boarding – £7,885
Day Fees – £5,930

Prep School Fees (Years 3-6)

Year 6 Weekly Boarding – £7,450
Year 6 Day Fee – £5,455
Year 5 Day Fee – £4,100
Year 4 Day Fee – £3,825
Year 3 Day Fee – £3,575

Overseas Pupils Administration Fee – £200
EFL Lessons/each – One to one £32.00 (Shared £22.00)
Learning Support Tuition – One to one £32.00

Flexi Boarding Rates

Juniors (Years 6-8) – £38 per night
Seniors (Years 9-13) – £48 per night

Nominal charge when

representing the School – £15 per night


U.K. Residents – £1,000
Non European Residents – 1 term’s fees
European Residents – ½ term’s fees

House Funds

A contribution to House social funds is added to the fee account each term:

Heden Hall and Court – £30
Mansion & Walled Garden East and West – £25
The Prep School – £10
Senior Day Students – £5

Coach Service Timetable 2018-19

Seaford Yr7-13-CoachReservationForms-2018/19


The following insurance is arranged on preferential terms for the benefit of parents. Policy documents are available which give full details of each scheme and should be studied and if felt necessary further protection arranged by parents.

School Fees Protection Scheme

Pupils may be insured for payment of up to three term’s fees during absence caused by illness or accident over and above a period of 7 consecutive days.
The premium for this optional insurance is 1% of fees.

Pupils Personal Effects Insurance Scheme

Personal effects insurance gives cover up to a value of £5,000 with a £25 excess for any one article (subject to certain exceptions and a limit on any one article of £2,000). Please note the exclusion of mobile phones in this policy.
The premium for this optional insurance is £10 per term.

Pupils Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

Accident insurance covers permanent disability resulting from accident.
The premium for this optional insurance is £3.75 per term.
Parents must indicate that they wish to opt-in to each of these policies. Premiums will be charged together with termly fees.
You can discontinue your participation in these schemes from the start of any term by giving advance written notice to the School. The School reserves the right to vary the termly charges by giving advance notice to you.
All fees are payable prior to the term for which an account is rendered.

Fees will be reviewed at the beginning of each academic year.