Freddie Valmas celebrates his GCSE results

Freddie ValmasCongratulations to Freddie Valmas on his exam results.

Freddie tells us he was shocked when he saw his results. He was so pleased to have passed English.

In Biology, that he lists as his best subject Freddie gained a 9. “It was the revision sessions. Mr d’Agar was great in these sessions. He went over things we weren’t sure about”.

Freddie spoke of the commitment from the teachers in general at Seaford. “They are so easy to talk to. You can go during prep and ask them questions. They’re so friendly, it really helped”.

Freddie was a keen sportsman at Seaford but he also joined the Choir. “It was really good as you get to meet a different set of people from doing that” he told us.

As a boarder at Seaford, Freddie found he had more time to revise as he wasn’t spending 40 minutes travelling to and from school. It also helped being surrounded by other students “Everyone else is studying so you do”.

“I love Seaford because of the balance you get between sport and the academic. Also the ease with which you can talk to teachers.

When you think you are not that good there are always people telling you that you are – they give you confidence”

“I said to Mr Green before our exams that, you couldn’t have done any more to prepare us for our exams, you’ve given us everything, it’s now down to us!”

Freddie will be staying at Seaford to study Biology, PE and Geography, he’s looking forward to being able to focus on the subjects that he enjoys most.