Francesca Richardson celebrates her GCSE results

Franseca Richardson with two of her teachersCongratulations to Francesca Richardson who gained three 9s, 8, three 7s, 6&5 in her GCSEs.

Francesca said she was “Relieved! I was very surprised that I passed Maths. It was because of Mr Pothecary. He‘s a really good teacher. He explained things in a way that I understood”.

She was really pleased with her English results, where she got two 9s. “Mrs White was amazing” she said.

Sometimes it is the subjects that students find the hardest that provide the most rewarding results. Francesca secured an 8 in Physics and explains that her mock was unmarked! This drove her to relearn the whole syllabus and she believes that it was being fresh for the exams that enabled her to get this fantastic achievement.

Francesa has been impressed by the teachers at Seaford. “They really listen to what you are saying. They then take it on board and use it to teach us better. They explain things the way you need it explained”. Her mum agrees “The way they teach has worked so well for Francesca. They‘ve given her the confidence to ask questions if she needs to. She’s excelled as a result”.

“Francesca has poor working memory and the teaching in class has supported her.  We haven’t needed to use the Learning Support Department because it’s all done in class and this works for  Francesca” says Francesca’s mum.

“I love Seaford because it’s given me the marks I need to go to places I want to go” says Francesca.

Francesca will be staying at Seaford to study Biology, History and Art.